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Accounting Consultant (Good in Japanese)

บริษัท มาซาร์ส (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด
กทม. (สาทร)
Job Description:
  • Financial records in compliance with accepted policies and procedures
  • Accounting reports for use by client’s management
  • VAT and withholding tax returns
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • From time to time, you will be expected to support your colleagues in the analysis of the financial results and in providing a value-added, business-oriented commentary to clients.

Interested applicants please APPLY HERE

  • Thai Nationality
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting
  • Computer literate with familiarity of accounting applications
  • Eager to develop both existing and new skills for a successful career
  • Proactive attitude with the ability to both identify and find solutions to problems
  • Able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines.
  • Competent in both written and spoken English
  • Competent in both written and spoken Japanese

Interested applicants please APPLY HERE


ประเภทของงาน : งานประจำ
จำนวน : ไม่ระบุ
เพศ : ชาย/หญิง
เงินเดือน(บาท) : สามารถเจรจาต่อรองได้
ประสบการณ์ : 0 - 3 ปี
สถานที่ : กทม. (สาทร)
การศึกษา : ปริญญาตรี
คณะ : การบัญชีและการจัดการ
สาขา : การบัญชี
คณะ : บัญชี
คณะ : บริหารธุรกิจ
สาขา : การบัญชี
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • กองทุนสำรองเลี้ยงชีพ
  • การฝึกอบรมและพัฒนาพนักงาน
  • ค่ายินดีมงคลสมรส
  • ค่าเบี้ยเลี้ยง 
  • ทำงานที่บ้าน
  • ทำงานสัปดาห์ละ 5 วัน
  • ประกันสังคม
  • ประกันสุขภาพ
  • ประกันอุบัติเหตุ
  • มีเวลาการทำงานที่ยืดหยุ่น
  • เงินช่วยเหลือฌาปนกิจ
  • เที่ยวประจำปี หรือเลี้ยงประจำปี
  • โบนัสตามผลงาน/ผลประกอบการ
Mazars is a fast growing international organization specializing in Audit, Accounting, Tax and Advisory Services. Its integrated partnership includes more than 40,400 professionals operating in 91 countries and servicing large multinational firms and SMEs.

More than a job, a Career!
At Mazars in Thailand, your career development is vital to our success. The experience you gain, combined with the training courses we offer, will help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

New challenges abound and we have a wide variety of interesting clients and projects. These challenges will push you to a higher stage of your career and no day will be the same! 

Our aim is to help you to achieve a healthy balance between your career and personal life, by offering you a stimulating, challenging and friendly place in which to work.

Website : www.mazars.co.th 
Facebook : www.facebook.com/MazarsThailand
Twitter : www.twitter.com/MazarsThailand
LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/MazarsThailand
Company background
Name of Company :
Mazars (Thailand) Ltd.
Primary Industries :
Audit, Accounting, Advisory Services
Number of Employee :
Registration :
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน
Mazars in Thailand is a leading audit, accounting, legal, tax and advisory practice, combining the benefits of an integrated global partnership with the entrepreneurial drive of the senior advisors. It has enjoyed strong growth and has achieved a top 10 position in its market as well as No. 1 position in the accounting outsourcing area.

Mazars currently employs over 150 staff in Bangkok, divided between two operating entities, Mazars (Thailand) Ltd. and Mazars Ltd. and provides accounting, audit, tax, legal and business advisory services to international clients and locally registered owner managed businesses. A key feature of the practice is the multinational composition of its advisors, with British, French, Thai, Dutch, Japanese and Australian nationals among its senior advisors.

The group has a direct presence in 79 countries and draws on the expertise of more than 18,000 professionals to assist companies - major international groups, SMEs and entrepreneurs. 
Company statement
From its humble beginning to the international Group that it is today, Mazars has always remained true to its founder’s spirit and values of deep ethical commitment, responsibility and belief that technical excellence is the key to success.

It is based upon these values that the generations which inherited Mazars managed to grow the organisation, through the co-optation of new partners, in Europe and around the world, and through mergers with firms that share the same values, vision, and objectives.

Strong values have been at the heart of our organisation since its creation. They guide us in our daily actions, providing a common base of values that all Mazars’ partners and teams share and respect. These values are detailed in Mazars’ Charter, individually signed by each partner.


Ethical and moral rigor guide how we work and assist our clients.


We treat our clients’ challenges as our own and we care about how our work may affect our communities.

Diversity and respect for individuals

Beyond borders and cultural differences, we make respect for the individuals and sharing the cornerstone of all human relations. United in diversity, we see our capacity to listen and our open-mindedness as a true lever for innovation.

Technical Excellence

Technical excellence is one of the founding principles applied at every level in the Group. This constant search for the highest standards of quality not only serves client satisfaction, business lines improvement and staff development: it is also the best guarantee of our independence.


We always think independently, and in our roles as auditors and advisors we always act independently.


As new faces come and go, as one generation hands over to another, our relationships, experience and knowledge survive. We learn from the past, but look to the future. 

Human Resource
Our HR policy has been designed to serve our business ambition: we remain faithful to our values, we recruit the best talent, regardless of origin.

Benefits : Flexible working hours

- Working from home
- Dental insurance
- Health insurance
- Bonus payment
Map & Contact Information
Company Name :
Mazars (Thailand) Ltd.
Address :
1 Empire Tower, Tower 2-3, 12th Floor South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120.
Telephone :
Fax :
Contact Person :
Kamala Northong – HR Officer, Sudawan Bunkhem - Senior HR Officer, Rattikorn Saksrisataporn - HR Man
ชื่อผู้ติดต่อ : Sudawan Bunkhem - Senior HR Officer, Rattikorn Saksrisataporn - HR Manager
ที่อยู่ : 1 Empire Tower, Tower 2-3, 12th Floor South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
โทรศัพท์ : 0-2670-1100
โทรสาร : 0-2670-1101
โฮมเพจ : http://www.mazars.co.th
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