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Project Analyst (Accounting, Finance, and Tax)

บริษัท สยามคูโบต้า คอร์ปอเรชั่น จำกัด



  • Coordinate with a project team to well-understand its proposed investment project and techniques, and fulfill all requirements for the Company and shareholders' project approval
  • Explore scenarios or test investment project assumptions to foresee accounting, tax and financial impact of action
  • Analyze and evaluate investment project assumptions concerning the development of such project for effective and timely communication with a project team
  • Provide professional advice related to accounting standard and tax compliance to the company and subsidiaries
  • Work with a project team on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes of new business activities and strategic entity by focusing on Accounting and Financial areas
  • Prepare reliable information with in-depth analysis by focusing on the Company and subsidiaries' situation and performance, and report to Management for proper business direction
  • Study new technology support growth in the Company and subsidiaries' activities



  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Accounting
  • GPAX is up to 2.70 for Bachelor's Degree and 3.30 for Master's Degree
  • Good in English communication (TOEIC Score up to 550)
  • Be able to work at Navanakorn Industrial Estate


ประเภทของงาน : งานประจำ
จำนวน : 1 อัตรา
เพศ : ชาย/หญิง
เงินเดือน(บาท) : สามารถเจรจาต่อรองได้
ประสบการณ์ : 0 - 3 ปี
สถานที่ : ปทุมธานี
การศึกษา : ปริญญาตรีหรือสูงกว่า
  • กองทุนสำรองเลี้ยงชีพ
  • การฝึกอบรมและพัฒนาพนักงาน
  • ค่าทำงานล่วงเวลา
  • ค่าทุนการศึกษา
  • ค่าน้ำมันรถ, ค่าเดินทาง
  • ค่ายินดีมงคลสมรส
  • ค่าสันทนาการ
  • ค่าโทรศัพท์
  • ทำงานสัปดาห์ละ 5 วัน
  • ประกันอุบัติเหตุ
  • เครื่องแบบพนักงาน, ชุดยูนิฟอร์ม
  • เงินช่วยเหลือฌาปนกิจ
  • เที่ยวประจำปี หรือเลี้ยงประจำปี
  • โบนัสตามผลงาน/ผลประกอบการ
  • โบนัสประจำปี

SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co.,Ltd. was established on August 2

2010 with a registered capital of 3,114 million baht. It is a joint venture between KUBOTA Corporation (Japan) and SCG (Siam Cement Group). with a current registered capital of 3,114 million baht. Our vision are enhancing business potential, commitment to be the leader of agricultural machinery in Asia and strengthen our leasdership in the development of sustainable agriculture.

- July 28, 1978 established The Siam Kubota Diesel Co.,Ltd. To manufacture and sell products under the brand "KUBOTA"  and "TRA CHANG". Later changed its name to The Siam Kubota Industry Co.,Ltd.

- April 7, 2006 established Siam Kubota Leasing Co.,Ltd. to business in hire-purchase for Thai farmers.

- September 21, 2007 established Siam Kubota Tractor Co.,Ltd. to manufacture domestic Tractor.

- August 2, 2010 amalgamated between The Siam Kubota Industry Co.,Ltd. and Siam Kubota Tractor Co.,Ltd. to "SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co.,Ltd.

The company now has a staff of more than 3,000 employees with all production capacity more than 200,000 units/year in order to meet rapidly increasing market demand in Asia.


Company background
Name of Company :
SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd.
Primary Industries :
Agricultural Machinery
Number of Employee :
Registration :
208 million baht
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน

SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between The Siam Cement Pcl. and Kubota Corporation Japan.

          Siam Kubota is the first manufacturer of small diesel engines for agricultural use in Thailand that embraces state-of-the-art machinery and advanced technology from Japan under the control of a highly experienced team of personnel.

          Siam Kubota is an integrated leader in agricultural machinery, offering a diverse range of products to accommodate all application needs. Siam Kubota’s product line-up spans diesel engines, walk-behind tractors, riding tillers, tractors, combine harvesters, and rice transplanters. It also extends to other agricultural tools and equipment including gasoline engines, brush cutter, power sprayer, v- belts, engine oil, gear oil, fertilizers, and other tractor implements.

           With an unwavering commitment to developing Thai agriculture and contributing to a better quality of life for Thai farmers,Siam Kubota established The Siam Kubota Leasing Co.,Ltd in 2006. The new start-up provides leasing services, allowing farmers to own Siam Kubota products more readily.

Company statement
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน

We shall strive to continuously develop our personnel to stride towards becoming an innovative company and a leader in agricultural machinery in the ASEAN region.

Siam Kubota is committed to enhancing the knowledge and capabilities of its employees as well as instilling a sense of being part of an innovative company so they can rise to the challenge of an ever-changing business climate. Siam Kubota is also dedicated to developing new products and expanding its market in striding forward towards becoming a leader in the international agricultural machinery industry.

Human Resource
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน

SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of The Siam Cement Group (SCG), the leader agricultural business in Thailand

 has resulted from the efforts of our well-qualified, dedicated staff: our most valuable resource.

At Siam Kubota, as a modern, professionally-managed organization, our staff advance in their careers based on performance

and ability, measured by the principles of equity and fairness uniformly applied.

Siam Kubota attracts and selects the top talent in every operating location by offering competitive compensation and generous,

comprehensive benefits, such as vacation allowances, hospitalization, provident funds, group accident insurance, among others

Map & Contact Information
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน
Company Name :
SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd.
Address :
101/19-24 Moo 20 Navanakorn, Klongnueng, Klongluang, Pathumtani, Thailand 12120
Telephone :
0-2909-0300 ext. 758 / 615 ,0-29091673
Fax :
Contact Person :
Human Resources Department
ชื่อผู้ติดต่อ : Human Resources Department
ที่อยู่ : 101/19-24 Moo 20 Navanakorn, Klongnueng, Klongluang, Pathumtani, Thailand 12120
โทรศัพท์ : 0-2909-0300 Ext. 758 / 168
โทรสาร : 0-2520-4332
โฮมเพจ : http://www.siamkubota.co.th
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