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เช็คดวง งานเด่น เจาะบริษัทดัง ชีวิตคนทำงาน ผู้หางาน HR / ผู้ประกอบการ CEO’S quote สามก๊ก @ work

Yearly Forecast 2018

You may find 2018 to be a rather challenging year that demands more mental fortitude and creativity from you in problem solving. Do not be deterred from pursuing your goals just because of this forecast. You may need to fight to get what you want, but that only means you will come out stronger and the rewards will taste much sweeter.

Your career in particular will present difficulties to you as you find yourself contending with ore demands and expectations at work that go above what you think you can offer. Your superiors may be asking too much of you, and you may be too timid to honestly assess your capabilities. Should you want to talk to your superiors about this, be careful that it does not escalate into a dispute. Remain calm and rational so that you appeal to their sensibilities and will be able to continue working in a better situation. There is a chance that this onslaught of work and stress will render you more unproductive than usual. You may struggle to meet deadlines and find yourself often uninspired and unmoved by the work you have ahead of you. The year ahead may see you slowing down significantly, though this may not be a bad thing as you do require the rest. Having some down time will enable you to reconsolidate your energy and strategies so that you bounce back better in the future.

That being said, this is not an excuse to slack off. Continue to work as hard as you can on whatever work is given to you. Your diligence will eventually be noticed and your hard work will pay off. Try to collaborate with your colleagues if you find yourself needing assistance with the workload. Despite your internal stress, you should not project and externalize it to others. Be generous in your interactions with the people at your workplace and you will find that this increases the overall positivity in your workplace, which will help motivate you and eventually bring your superiors around to seeing things from your perspective.

In line with the increased workload, you will experience weak Peach Blossom Luck this year, especially if you are single. You simply will not have the time to spend looking for a suitable partner. Make sure you do not expect too much of any relationship or possible relationship, as it is likely you will find yourself disappointed and jaded after a while if you not adjust your mind-set to be more realistic.

Those who are currently in relationships should begin prioritizing their health, as there is a likelihood of illness plaguing either you or your partner this year. If you are not careful, the problems could end up being far more serious than you are ready for. Therefore, couples should pay careful attention to any possible health issues. Make it a joint effort to maintain each other’s health, perhaps by joining a gym together, doing physical activities together, or embarking on a new diet together. This may even have the added benefit of improving your bond and intimacy with one another.