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Yearly Forecast 2018

2018 will be a fruitful year for you where you will see much progress made in various areas of your life. That being said, the year is not without its challenges, and as such you will need to cultivate a habit of seeing the brighter side of things and finding the positive aspects in every situation. This attitude will help you pull through much of the challenges ahead and you will find that it is now easier for you to move on from your problems and get to work on more important and urgent matters.

You will find that there is little trouble in regards to your career, as the seas are relatively smooth. Motivation will come easy and you will be able to finish up some long-standing projects as long as you focus and work hard to direct your energy towards these endeavours. However, there is a chance that there may be some conflicts between you and your peers.

This is due to the presence of the Broken Star, which may be a catalyst for growing disruptions in your work relationships. This will possibly come in the form of jealousy and subsequent rumours circulating about your character. Many will admire the pace and quality at which you have completed your projects, but then externalize their emotions negatively and thus bring themselves into conflict with you. They will fear your talent and see your achievements as threats, unable to withstand the competition that you pose to them.

You can see this as a good thing. As the saying goes, those who are not envied are mediocre. Thus, you should keep your head up and continue doing your best, mindful of the fact that everyone eventually comes around and will get over initial childish emotions. Your continued devotion to your work will ultimately impress even your bitterest opponents, who will come to respect your hard work and diligence. When the time comes, they may even offer their assistance to help you through a trying time, to make up for their past unpleasant behaviour.

Despite a relatively good year in terms of other aspects of your life, you will find that you lack Peach Blossom Luck this year, especially if you are single. However, in line with the general advice for your year, you should try to see the silver lining. Instead of feeling hopeless regarding your romantic prospects, single individuals can still immerse themselves in their social circles and mingle with the opposite sex as they might still have a chance of discovering their one true love. Besides, even if things do not work out, you will still have maintained and kept some good friendships which will benefit you in the future. There is never any harm in simply trying your luck, and continuing to be social as living a life of dejected isolation is never a good thing. Those already in a loving and stable relationship should consider moving forward with their wedding plans. It is important to make the next step in your life as this represents moving forward and growing as an individual, ready for new challenges and rewards to come your way.