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เช็คดวง งานเด่น เจาะบริษัทดัง ชีวิตคนทำงาน ผู้หางาน HR / ผู้ประกอบการ CEO’S quote สามก๊ก @ work

Yearly Forecast 2018

This year, you will be graced by the Grand Duke Combination Star, which signals a time of auspicious tidings, especially in terms of your career. This not only means improvements in terms of the projects you embark on, but also on aspects of communication in the workplace. Cohesiveness of a team is pivotal to the general success of the workplace, as it fosters an environment of productivity and mutual support.

For instance, you will find that your relationship with your superiors improves dramatically, putting you on a level of friendship that you have not experienced so far. This newly-cultivated rapport means that you will get along with them better and you may find that you reap some periphery benefits from this relationship which may enable you to shine more at the workplace. However, this does not mean you should take advantage of your relationships, as it would leave a stain on your work ethic and morals as a person. Try to be objective in making decisions and be more discerning about separating the friendly and professional aspects of your relationship.

While increased opportunities at work are always a positive sign, you will need to make sure that you remain cautious and stable when it comes to your workload. You may risk taking on too much work, thus bringing on unneeded fatigue that will affect other aspects of your life. As communication at your workplace has improved, do not take this for granted and instead actively cultivate it by voicing out if you feel you are taking on too much. Honesty can go a long way in cementing you in the minds of your superiors as someone genuine and trustworthy.

Though you are experiencing improvements in your workplace relationships, you may find that your personal life suffers a little. There is a chance of increased arguments between you and your significant other, as all indications point to an escalation of disagreements. Some of these conflicts are petty and trivial, stemming from easily solved problems that have become exacerbated due to stubbornness and neglect. Do not let small matters burgeon into weighty problems that will eventually put a strain on your relationship.

However, take comfort in knowing that 2018 will bring the beginnings of peace between you and your loved one. The environment will be ripe for you to make amends and facilitate peace-making measures. New couples should be especially mindful of this as this is the perfect time to sow a more harmonious relationship for the future. If you are not proactive, you may end up going down on a path of no return that ends poorly for all parties.

Travel is also in the books for you, as the much-needed rest may help you to rethink some of your relationship issues but also recuperate from some of the stress from work. Coming back with a fresh mind-set and rejuvenated emotions will help put you ahead of the curve at work and also assist with the argumentative environment at home.