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Yearly Forecast 2018

You will be dealing with a high pressure year in 2018 where you will need to balance a surge of work and negative emotions with making time for yourself. You may find that you not only have more work to deal with, but the people at work may not be as supportive as you had hoped them to be.

For instance, your superior may show their inconsiderate side, constantly piling you on with work but not stopping for a second to listen to your feedback. Furthermore, you may find their comments on your work to be rather harsh and unconstructive. Because of this, you will find yourself fatigued and jaded with the work, hoping to move on to better things and leave all this behind you.

To add salt to the wound, your colleagues do not seem to have your back even when your superior is mistreating you. As such, you will find your work space to be overwhelmingly negative, making it difficult for you to concentrate and retain your efficiency at work. You should try to keep to yourself so that you avoid the most of these negative interactions, as well as stay out of the radar of potential rumour-mongers. Keep a level head when dealing with your superior. Though they may be unreasonable at times, getting into a conflict with them will only spell more troubles for you.

You will have to rely on yourself to keep yourself motivated and to build your strength of character in order to push through these work obstacles. You will not want to be hasty with your decision-making, as this is not the best time to change jobs or positions. Although you will have to deal with this stagnation for the time being, you should try to view this situation as a learning curve to be surpassed and try to stay humble and tolerant during your work tenure.

You will also experience weak “Peach Blossom” luck this year. As such, you should not spend so much time trying to find a suitable partner, as chances are it will be a waste of time. There is nothing wrong with being single. It simply means that you will have more time to yourself for self-improvement and introspection. In terms of friendships, you will also find it to be a rather dull year. But fear not, this will open up the opportunity for you to focus on other aspects of your life.

Unmarried couples will have to put much more emphasis in strengthening and maintaining their relationship by being more understanding and communicative with one another. Try not to let simple arguments escalate out of control, especially if it was regarding a minor issue. Married couples are advised to spend more time listening to each other’s concerns, and to be more mindful of the other person’s sensitivities whenever you are making decisions on behalf of both of you. Bear in mind that even the simplest of misunderstandings could sometimes lead to an uncontrollable exchange of anger between the two of you, which will spell disaster for your relationship.