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Accounting Executive

TOPGUN Co., Ltd.
Urgently Required!

Advertising/Public Relations
Bangkok (Vadhana)
Duties & Responsibilities

Our Accounting Executive will be responsible for applying accounting principles and procedures to analyze financial information, preparing accurate and timely financial reports and statements, participating in BOI Certificate and Tax Planning, and ensuring appropriate accounting control procedures to increase work effectiveness. Furthermore, our Accounting Executive is expected to be well-versed in Cloud Accounting softwares.

Our Accounting Executive is:

• team-oriented, has a good attitude, possesses leadership, has the ability to work well under pressure, is careful, is responsible, and has high computer proficiency with Ms Office and Excel.

• assigned in general working as an accountant. Tasks include preparing documents, keying in data for evaluation, and checking on general ledger and debtor-creditor accounts.

• Bachelor's Degree in Accounting 
• Winner's attitude 
• Ambitious and willing to work hard for success.
• Friendly
• Good team player with strong leadership skills 
• Service-minded 
• GPA. 3.0 up

*You can study the company recruitment privacy policy by click the link below

Basic qualification
Type of job : Full Time
Quantity : 1 quota
Gender : Not specified
Salary(Baht) : 20,000-35,000
Experience : 0 - 5 year(s)
Location : Bangkok (Vadhana)
Education : Bachelor's Degree
  • Overtime
About company
Topgun Co., Ltd. has been an innovative advertising company in Thailand since 1986. We are experienced in the advertising business, creating many unique advertising media such as Tuk Tuk Ad., Taxi Ad., A Team (a top-rated marketing task force).We launched the Billboard Network business in 1997 and established “jobtopgun.com” in 2000 - currently the No. 1 job website in Thailand.

Our mission is to help employers find the best employees for their openings, while simultaneously matching job seekers with the best jobs. We are expanding the job website market to cover recruiting needs all over Thailand and is looking to expand internationally to support jobseekers all around the world.

TOP GUN believes that HRD is becoming increasingly important and a major part in every company’s key to success, particularly as the economy is experiencing technological disruption. To ensure continuity in organizational development, we strive to enhance and develop our HRD programs.

To learn more about our company, please use the following link to view a prototype of our YOUSAYHRSAY : Link: YOUSAYHRSAY : TOPGUN
Company's information
Company background
Name of Company :
TOPGUN Co., Ltd.
Primary Industries :
Media & Marketing Services, HR content Services & Recruitment Services.
Number of Employee :
Registration :
5,000,000 Baht
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน

     Top Gun is the most professional and top quality media and marketing services company in Thailand. We are totally committed to give our clients result-oriented marketing solutions which further enhance their competitive edges.

      Top Gun is the innovator and the pioneer of "Tuk Tuk Ad" With the largest fleet of over 4,500 Tuk Tuk's . Today Tuk Tuk Ad is recognized by all media professionals as the most effective and efficient medium which delivers the highest frequency at the lowest cost in Bangkok area. You may have come across some of the Ads. They all choose "Top Gun's Tuk Tuk Ad" to carry their advertising message.

      Top Gun also provides marketing services by our "A-Team" :The most professional action-oriented troubleshooters & marketeer. "A-Team" is Top Gun in-field, in-market force to carry out direct and distinctive promotional campaigns. Our caliber covers a wide spectrum of services to facilitate clients' need in executing their marketing activities. We Make The Dreams Of Marketing Experts Come True!

     During May 1997 we launched new billboard concept ; "TopGun's Billboard Network". It was the first time in Thailand that we had standard size of 4x8 m. Billboard, Silkscreen-printed.This allowed the creative work reached up to maximum production quality and meet international standard. The location was superb!. There were arrange the few best locations in towns.

      Now we own the Best Location nation-wide more 135 locations and plan to own it not less than 200 locations in next year.

      In January 2000 we launched www.jobtopgun.com which TOP GUN ' s lastest project . Jobtopgun.com began in January 2000 and was TOP GUN 's latest project. The website was built upon TOP GUN 's fifteen years of human resource experiences. Our mission is to help professional employers find the best employees while, simultaneously, providing job seekers the best jobs. This corresponds with Jobtopgun.com 's aim, which is to serve professional workers who are looking to fulfill their life' s potential. Jobtopgun's foundation is based on philosophy : good heart, work hard, enjoy life

       Jobtopgun.com is now recognized as a leader among professional job websites. We offer 6 unique and powerful job search engines as well as Super Resume, the world's best online resume format (Super Resume is the official resume of Thailand's five leading university job fairs). In addition, Jobtopgun.com is equipped with the Job Application Record to help job seekers keep track of their efforts in the job market and search for employment as efficiently as possible.

      In 2009, we established Super Networking. It is a new digital approach to reach your target through society network. Until now, we have more than 3.2 million jobseekers in our database, and we make use of this 3.2 million database by offering Network Advertising.

      In 2011, we launched Super Resume Competency Assessment, collaborating with Mahidol University. It make you able to know the degree of your 101 competencies and use it for self-development. After that, Super Competency and Job Check-up, and Super Resume Prediction are launched. With these functions, we help you analyse yourself. So, you are confident to set your own career path.

Company's mission
Company statement
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน
Company Vision

Top Gun will be a multinational company and a dream company for professionals to work for.

We will break through our current limitations to grow and capitalize on business opportunities in the coming future.

We will maintain our leadership position in the Thailand Outdoor Media market and become recognized by Advertising Agencies, Media Houses and Marketing companies as a company that provide the best quality of professional works and services.

In the HR space, Top Gun will become recognized by HR executives and jobseekers as a world class leader in recruitment and development.

Company Mission

To maximize and grow our line of core businesses while providing HR solutions. We will expand our business internationally and strive to best support our employees’ work/life balance.

To innovate and improve the impact of Thailand outdoor advertising media.

To innovate and provide more effective recruitment solutions to employers around the world. We also strive to ensure that we can best meet the needs of jobseekers through Super Resume, YOU SAY / HR SAY, and JOBTOPGUN.COM.

To improve the country’s workforce through Super Resume and collaboration with academic institutions.

Company Value

Open to new challenges
Strive for the global stage
Work/Life balance
Good Hearted
Struggle to enjoy life
Human Resources Policy
Human Resource
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน

TOP GUN believes that HRD will become more and more important facter of the key to success especially in our changing "IT Globalization Decade". In order to achieve the "Continuity" of company development which is the key success of HRD, we need to strengthen our HRD to the best. Therefore, we will maximize job satisfaction for employees and at the same time, improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of organization.

     As realizing that the employee is the most important resource, our company have many beneficial development programs for our people.


Health Club

   To supports the employee to have good health by paying the member per month fee at 30-50%.

Monthly Sport

   To build a good health and a good relationship among our employee, our company holds a monthly sports at a free of charge such as Table-Tennis, Bowling and Badminton.

Monthly Party

   To promote a good relationship and inter-communication, is every department will hold a monthly party at a free of charge by rotating. The host will responsible for preparing the delicious food that is well known.


   To create a good life style and social activities, many leisure programs are set upsuch as "Bird Watching", "Star Watching", "Sailing" and "Diving"


   As being a member of Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, our company encourages the employee to join both the international and the domestic concerts by partly supporting the expense. 
   Our company encourages the employee to play the musical instruments such as piano, violin and guitar to create good quality of life by quality of life by giving the information of instrutors or teaching by the insider.


   As golf is a management sport, our company encourages all employees to play a golf by parly supporing the training expense, the green fee and installment plan to acquire golf equipment. 

 New Year Party

   Our company sets an outside New Year Party every year in the different concepts the party may be hold in both Bangkok and the up-country.

 Yearly Trip

   To encourage the employee morals, our company provides a yearly trip by total expense supporting.



Training & Development



Individual Development Program
Our company has a special development program for each individual by analyzing his/her in every year. 
 **** Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat****


Internal Seminar 

 Sam Kok 
 -To develop leadership.
 -To Brain storm employee thinking. 
 -To discuss the general management strategies to develop employee strategic thinking.

 Chinese Chess , Ko
 -To practice the art of strategic thinking ' our company provides a training course and holds a competition among the employee.

 -To improve the employee have more competitiveness thinking.
In - house Training
 -To improve key skills which the employee must have in working such as Presentation , Negotiation , Time Management , Coacing , etc.


Health Insurance








Apart from social security scheme, Bangkok Insurance's group health insurance coverage is also provided to our employees as follows.




1. Out-Patient Care 
Clinical Call, Maximum 31 calls per person/year



2. In-Patient Care


Daily Room and Board Expenses, maximum 30 days per disability


I.C.U. per day


Miscellaneous Expenses


Physician’s Fee per disability per day (maximum 30 days)


In-hospital Doctor’s Visit, 1 visit per day, maximum 31 days per disability


Emergency OPD Treatment (accident)


Specialist’s Consultation Fee


Surgical Expenses (Follow to the table)



Contact info and map
Map & Contact Information
งาน หางาน สมัครงาน
Company Name :
TOPGUN Co., Ltd.
Address :
172/2 Soi Panichkul, Sukhumvit 71, Phra Kanong Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110
Telephone :
Fax :
Contact Person :
Khun Weeraphat
Position :
HR Supervisor
Address : 172/2 Soi Panichkul (Pridi Banomyong 20), Sukhumvit 71 Rd 10100
Phone number : 0-2853-6999
Fax : 0-2711-1038
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