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Yip In Tsoi & Co., Ltd.
บริษัท ยิบอินซอยและบริษัทในเครือ/บริษัท ยิบอินซอย จำกัด
YIP IN TSOI & CO., LTD. is one of the leading Thai companies in Total IT Solutions Provider, which includes system and network design, cloud solution, data analytics, oracle ERP installation, customization, operations and maintenance of complete IT System Solutions. Additionally, YIT is committed to provide a wide variety of additional services to meet specific customer requirements through the joint force of world class quality partnerships. Furthermore, our subsidiaries' products and services are Fertilizer and Agrochemical products, Building Materials & Hardware, Electrical and Electronics & Telecommunication products, Power & Energy business, Paints, Production of electric motorcycles and relevant equipment, Non-life Insurance Broker, Probiotic Healthy Products, Sustainable Food Security Management and Innovative Technology Platform on New Eco-System of Sustainability. We are now offering job opportunities and career development for qualified candidates in the following position(s):

 Yip In Tsoi & Jacks Ltd.
 Yipintsoi Solutions Ltd.
 Yipintsoi Consulting Co., Ltd.
 Tangerine Co., Ltd.
 Yipintsoi Energy Co., Ltd.
 TCCL Company Limited
 Sissons Paints (Thailand) Ltd.
 Enrich Broker Co., Ltd.
 Solaryn Co., Ltd.
 Leaf in Town Co., Ltd.

Yip In Tsoi & Jacks Ltd.
• Fertilizer & Agrochemical (Leaf Brand, Apache Brand,
Yip in field Brand, and Mr. Baimai Brand).
The Company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 :-
- Fertilizer : Single, Bulk-Blend, Foliar
- Agrochemical : Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Plant growth regulator, Hormones, Trace elements
• Building Materials and Hardware (Superflex, Leaf Brand, Carborundum, Carbojacks, Apache, Platinum Foil, Fillpro) :-
- Roofing & Ceiling Products : Insulation, etc.
- Safety Tools : Safety Glasses, etc
- Door & Window Hardware Products : Door Hinge, Friction Stay, etc.
- Lighting Products : LED Lighting, Mosquito Repellent, etc.
- Bathroom & Sanitaryware : Fill Valve, etc.
- Agricultural Tools : Drip Tape, Knapsack Sprayer, etc.
- Hand Tools : Bow Frame, Bow Saw, Caulking Gun, Hack Saw, Measuring Tape, etc.
- Adhesive, Tape & Chemical Products : Acrylic Sealants, Silicone Sealants, Aluminum Foil Tape, etc.
• Abrasive & Power Tools Accessories : Bench Grinder, Centrifugal Pump, Abrasive Paper Roll, Abrasive Cloth Roll, Cutting Wheel, Grinding Wheel, Sharpening Stones, etc.
• LAUF MATERIALS - curator of fine interior finishes.
- Color Product : Acrylic Color for Interior & Exterior, Spray Color, Floor Color, Epoxy Color, Flake Color
- Wallpaper : Paper Weave, Cork, Wood veneer
- Artificial Leather : Soft Leather, PU Leather
- Fiberglass Wallpaper
- Glass Film Sticker
- Glass Decoration : Color Coated Glass, Fabric Glass
- Laminate
- HMR 3D Panel
- Plaswood 3D Panel
- Acoustic Carpet Tiles
- Acoustic Panel : Decor’, Privacy
- Mosaic Tiles
- Aluminium Composite
- Fabric : Upholstery, Curtain
- Interior Fixture : Door Handle, Window Handle, Furniture Handle
• Engineering :-
    Trading and Turn-key in the business related to the power systems and energy.

Yipintsoi Solutions Ltd.
Data Analytics : Data Integration, Data Capture, Data Management and Data Visualization :-
• Informatica
• Tableau
• Attunity
• Display Technology

Yipintsoi Consulting Co., Ltd.
Provide professional services with consulting, architecting, designing, and implementing with total solution
• IT Consulting & IT Business Solution
• Oracle Business Solution
• Salesforce Solution
• Software Development

Tangerine Co., Ltd.
Tangerine is an innovative technology solution provider that focuses on various technologies and IT solutions and services which can be grouped into:
• Cloud Solution
• Data Center Solution
• Networking
• Cyber Security
• Application Development
• Smart Business Analytics
• Productivity & Work Transformation
• Consulting Services
The staff are well trained and certified in order to provide the best professional service to satisfy customers’ needs. The company is certified to ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management System) and ISO/IEC 27701 (Privacy Information Management System)

Yipintsoi Energy Co., Ltd.
Engaged in Power & Energy business, including Electrical Substation Construction & Renovation, and Transmission Line
with high-tech engineering products and services by focusing on both public and private sectors.

TCCL Company Limited
Engaged in Power & Energy business, including Electrical Substation Construction & Renovation, and Transmission Line
with high-tech engineering products and services by focusing on both public and private sectors.

Saridpol Co., Ltd.
An electric motorcycle dealer providing the quality and cost-effective clean energy vehicles. By using electricity instead of oil, electric motorcycles do not cause any pollution or impact on the environment and also create the energy security.

Sissons Paints (Thailand) Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor of various types of paints such as Industrial Floor Paints (Epoxy Self Leveling, Epoxy Coating, Polyurethane Concrete Floor), Container Paints, Anti-Corrosive Paint, Gloss Enamel, Paints Remover, Cold-Galvanized Paint, Waterproofing Membrane, Polyurethane Waterproofing System, Decorative Paint, Heat-Resistance Paint, Acrylic Sport Flooring System, Polyurethane Sport Flooring System, Cold Plastic Road Marking Paint, Color Flake Flooring System, Antistatic Epoxy Flooring etc. Company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and TISI standard.

Enrich Broker Co., Ltd.
Non-life Insurance Broker

Solaryn Co., Ltd.
The company operates in
• Renewable Energy
• Energy Storage Network
• Smart Farming
• Electric Household Products
• Electric Vehicle (all platforms)
• Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Network.
Initially, the company will operate in the business regarding to the production of electric motorcycles and relevant equipment.

Leaf in Town Co., Ltd.
• Probiotic Healthy Products
• Sustainable Food Security Management
• Innovative Technology Platform on New Eco-System of Sustainability

Yip In Tsoi Group currently has around 1,900 employees, the majority of which are skilled IT professionals and engineers. Employees are encouraged to the development and training in the various courses and the updated/ modern products and technologies. This is to increase knowledge, skills and quality of employees and ensure excellent service to customers.

  • 10 Days Annual Leave
  • Annual medical check-up
  • Dental care
  • Group Insurance
  • Life Insurance (OPD/IPD)
  • Purchase of company’s products at discounted price
  • Training in Thailand and overseas
  • กองทุนสำรองเลี้ยงชีพ
  • การฝึกอบรมและพัฒนาพนักงาน
  • ค่าทำงานล่วงเวลา
  • ค่าทุนการศึกษา
  • ค่าน้ำมันรถ, ค่าเดินทาง
  • ค่ายินดีมงคลสมรส
  • ค่าสันทนาการ
  • ค่าโทรศัพท์
  • ทำงานสัปดาห์ละ 5 วัน
  • ประกันสังคม
  • ประกันสุขภาพ
  • ประกันอุบัติเหตุ
  • มีเวลาการทำงานที่ยืดหยุ่น
  • ลาบวช
  • เครื่องแบบพนักงาน, ชุดยูนิฟอร์ม
  • เงินช่วยเหลือฌาปนกิจ
  • เที่ยวประจำปี หรือเลี้ยงประจำปี
  • โบนัสตามผลงาน/ผลประกอบการ
  • โบนัสประจำปี
บริษัท ยิบอินซอยและบริษัทในเครือ/บริษัท ยิบอินซอย จำกัด
521-523/1 Mahaprutharam Rd., Mahaprutharam,Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
0-2353-8600 Ext.2110
9 ตําแหน่งงาน

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0 - 5 ปี

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0 - 10 ปี
ประกาศนียบัตรวิชาชีพชั้นสูง (ปวส.) หรือสูงกว่า

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25,000 - 60,000 บาท/เดือน
2 - 10 ปี


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