Advanced Info Service PLC.

Advanced Info Service PLC.

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Company Background

Name of Company:
Advanced Info Service PLC.
Primary Industries:
Number of Employee:
5,000 Person
Date of Establishment:
April 24,1986
Registration Capital:
5 Million Bahts



Advanced Info Service Plc. operates Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) and Global System Mobile (GSM) telephone services through 900 MHz frequency under concession agreements with the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) dated March 27,1990 for the period of 20 years. Subsequently, in 1996, the concession was extended to be 25 year concession period. Such concession is a 'build-transfer-operate' (BTO) type under which the Company shall make investment and assume responsibilities for fund raising and the costs in connection therewith.
After installation, the entire system shall fall into the ownership of TOT, and the Company shall be entitled to use the system for the operation of NMT and GSM Advance mobile phone services under the concession agreements.

Business Leadership The dynamic marketing strategies of AIS have successfully broadened its market base through product and network development and by creating an appeal to specific segments of target consumers, from businessmen and small business owners to the young generation and teenagers. AIS network coverage is extensive and efficient while various services in addition to receiving and making calls are conveniently in place.

Currently, AIS offers Cellular 900, GSM Advance, and prepaid One-2-Call! systems. It is our mission to expand our services to the full range of wireless communications. Mobile telephones no longer communicate solely with sound but are equipped to send and receive the latest news and information vital to businesses and everyday life in this information age. The next step in product development at AIS is characterized by variety and personalized services. Infrastructure installations are well on their way to accommodate Internet connections and complete non-voice applications. These new developments will ensure state-of-the-art services and the greatest benefits for subscribers. With the management team of highly qualified professionals in various fields, AIS has attained remarkable achievement in all aspects. Despite the economic crisis and intense competition, AIS has gained wider market expansion, stronger financial status. To guarantee the Company the edge in business operations, AIS has successfully undertaken organization restructuring. The Company is confident that it will continue to lead the way in Thailand's wireless communications business.




mobileLIFE is a non voice communications service, which offers a wide range of up to date services and transactions through AIS' GSM Advance mobile phone. Granting you the luxury of a more efficient and flexible lifestyle. mobileLIFE services from GSM Advance
mBANKING provides information and enables financial transactions through various commercial banks.
mINFO provides information essential to your daily life, such as, finance, news and entertainment.
mSHOPPING provides shopping services amongst others, such as movie tickets etc.
mENTERTAIN an entertainment service, which enables you to download specific visuals or sounds directly from the Internet or AIS Center into your mobile phone, such as, My logo, My Ring Tone, GSM Graphic Net Designer or Caller Group Logo.
mCHAT a service which enables conversation between Internet users and GSM Advance mobile phone users, such as, GSM NetChat.
mMESSAGING transmits various English messages between Internet users and GSM Advance mobile phone users (Only certain mobile phone models can transmit messages inThai). Services include, GSM Internet Shortmail, GSM Web Messaging, GSM Internet Mail Note.
mNETLINK a service which assists GSM Advance mobile phone users in connecting to the internet, without having to pay additional internet fees, namely, GSM Internet on Demand.
mBROKER one of Extra Services which facilitates you in monitoring stock market. You can quoting, buying or selling stocks via your GSM Advance mobile phones.




April 24, 1986
Advanced Info Service PLC., (AIS) was established with registered capital of Baht 5 million to run a computer rental business.
March 27, 1990
AIS was granted an exclusive 20-year concession by the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) to operate a mobile telephone services using 900 MHz.
October 1,1990
AIS launched its first services of cellular 900 MHz with analogue system.
November 5,1991
AIS was registered a public company and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
June 1992
The Company acquired Shinawatra DataCom Co.,Ltd. (SDC) who was granted by TOT a 1-year concession to operate a data communication network from its parent company, SHIN. In September 1997, the concession agreement was changed to join venture agreement, resulting TOT owns 23.5% stake of SDC.

The Company acquired Shinawatra Paging Co.,Ltd. (SPG) who was granted by TOT a 15-year concession to operate the nationwide paging service 'Phonelink' from SHIN.
April 29, 1993
The Company increased its paid-up capital from Baht 750 million to Baht 780 million.
October 1994
The Company launched new service of cellular 900 MHz called 'GSM Advance' (Global System Mobile Communications)
November 16, 1994
The Company increased its registered capital from Baht 1,000 million to Baht 5,000 million and paid-up capital from Baht 780 million to Baht 2,340 million.
September 20, 1996
AIS was granted by TOT to extend its concession periods from 20 years to 25 years. However, TOT could grant license to new operators as well.
December 20, 1998
The Company acquired investment in Shinawatra Wireless Marketing Co.,Ltd. (SWM) , importer and distributor of cellular 900 mobile phone, from its parent company in order to reorganize business structure of the Group. In March 2, 1999 SWM has changed its name to Advanced Wireless Marketing Co.,Ltd. (AWM).
February 19, 1999
The Company increased its paid-up capital from Baht 2,340 million to Baht 2,700 million by issuing 36 million new shares for Private Placement to Singapore Telecom International Pte Ltd. (STI). This was to strengthen financial status of the Company as well as enhance the competitive capability after liberalization of the telecommunication industry in the near future.

The Company acquired additional 40% stake of Shinawatra Paging Co.,Ltd. from Thai Page Pte Ltd., the affiliate of STI Group, resulting the Company's shareholding in SPG up to 100%.
March 2, 1999
Shinawatra Paging Co.,Ltd. and Shinawatra Wireless Marketing Co.,Ltd. has changed its name to Advanced Paging Co.,Ltd. (APG) and Advanced Wireless Marketing Co.,Ltd. (AWM) respectively.
June 1999
The Company launched a new service 'One-2-Call!' which is prepaid GSM Advance mobile phone service.
September 1999
The Company has changed the Company's auditor from KPMG Audit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. to PricewaterhouseCoopers ABAS Ltd. effective as of the third quarter of 1999.
October 1999
The Company acquired additional 40% stake of Shinawatra DataCom Co.,Ltd. (SDC) from STI, resulting the Company's shareholding in SDC up to 68%. Recently, SDC has changed its name to Advanced Datanetwork Communications Co.,Ltd. since February 23,2000.
March 200
AIS issued the debenture of 8,000 Baht million publicly offered to institutional and individual investors.
August 2000
AIS entered the age of service in Non Voice Application by launching Mobile Life service that allows data communication via Sim Tool Kit technology.

December 2000
AIS has developed MobileLIFE services accompanied by Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) technology under the name MobileLIFE Internet which can link unlimitedly with internet network

AIS is awarded as one in ten companies for financial stability by the ranking of Far Eastern Economic Review magazine in the year 2000. Besides, AIS is categorized by Asia Money Magazine as the best management company in Thailand.

AIS endlessly develops networks throughout 795 Amphurs of Thailand

March 2001

AIS has launched debentures 12,000 million for investors. The debenture is rated for its creditability at AA- Level.

"Care for Excellence" campaign is released which concentrates on quality and services ; networks, services, technology and human resources


September 2001 AIS

has demonstrated its innovative mobile phone leadership with GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) which is a packet-based wireless communication service

January 2002 AIS

has escalated into upper-level for ultimate technology in response to 3G era by demonstrating the first step towards its potential with the new network standard to serve upper-class life with Advanced In Building Network; also has announced the new logo from GSM 2 Watts to GSM Advance under “Innovative Brand” Concept

January 2002 AIS

has developed the overall service operation by C-CARE Project by broadening capacities and diversities of service delivery to best serve customers covering convenience, speed, user-friendly and all-aspect satisfactions for unlimitedly serving to the current and future customers’ needs.

March 2002 AIS

has distributed its debenture stock for first, second and third times in year 2002 to value up to 10,000M BATH for investment institutions and individuals to foster network project in order for premium service delivery to increased-customers in the future. AIS Debenture stock has been ranked AA Level in reliability ranking.

October 2002 AIS

has purchased 100% of the stock from Advanced Contact Center Co., Ltd. (AKA ACC) where customer service business is emphasized.

March 2003 The collaboration between AIS and Microsoft Corporation

introduced the newly innovation launched for the first time in Asia Region with Smart Solution 2003 via Windows Powered Smart Solution-packed Mobile Phone with beyond application options in Pocket Outlook, Pocket Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger and Windows Media Player

April 2003 AIS

has proved its Innovative Operator Leadership by developing service features of a converged Lifestyle MobileLIFE under the concept of “mobileLIFE is your everyday life” which serves in Countless Ways of everyday life to be more enjoyable, trendy and convenient.

April 2003 AIS

has moved-up towards developing Hi-technology MobileLife by adding TV on Mobile integrating communication with Channel 3 5 7 9 11 and ITV via GPRS in line Anytime Anywhere Everyone Concept.

August 2003 AIS

aims to maximize customers’ satisfaction by escalating its services into GSM Advance Evolution-Power to Connect AKA GSM Evolution to repeat that Mobile Phone is more than a mobile communication tool but serving converged Lifestyle with wireless-engaged tool to lift-up convenient, enjoyable and quality of life.

October 2003 AIS

has engaged Wireless Service in Mobile Phone Application via EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) covering all major provinces nationwide i.e. Bangkok, Pattaya, Chonburi, Nakhonratchasrima, Khonkaen, Chiang-mai and Phuket for serving needs in both sound and information underpinned application beyond other providers.

January 2004 AIS

has launched SERENADE Program exclusively for Platinum and Gold-class customers.

February 2004 One-Two-Call!

presented Freedom Everyday Service by trigger-based campaign on daily-prepaid customer behavior under the concept of ‘20 BHT a day is enough.’ with 40-BHT Pre-paid Card available for sales.

March 2004 AIS presented

NWO Project (New World Order) to empower Senior (4th Year) Graduate Students’ potentialities by fostering them with opportunities for 1-Year internship at AIS in order to shed light on their innate power beyond limitation in line with Small Power is Marvelous concept with the belief towards new generation’s social mobilization.

March 2004 One-Two-Call!

created Thailand telecommunication business phenomena by presenting “Sawasdee” Program for serving a fully-integrated Mobile Phone.

July 2004 AIS

has been ranked 840 out of 1,000 companies from the year 2007’s ranking of the world’s largest company by Business Week

August 2004

Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Company has affirmed AIS’s national long-term credit rating at AA (Thai) and short-term credit rating at F1+(Thai); reflecting its strong financial status and marketing leadership.

October 2004

TRIS Corporation Limited has rated AIS’s credit and debenture at AA reflecting its strong business status with continuous growth and optimal cash flow capability.

December 2004

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services (S & P) has increased credit rating to AIS from BBB to BBB+ which was equivalent as a national credit rating; reflecting its Thailand’s largest mobile phone business leadership, also AIS has earned Best CEO and Best Investor Relations Awards of Year 2004; from An Institutional Investor Research Group Publication’s global institutional investors research.


has been awarded Best Performance of Year 2006; given by SET as being the only well-established technology enterprise who has proven its outstanding financial status and operation performance in Year 2005 including declaration on its information and asset fluidity required in term of Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) regulation moreover AIS has been awarded Distinction in Maintaining Excellent Corporate Governance Report which demonstrated AIS recognition capability on operational report standard in line with supervision regulation two years in the row in SET AWARDS 2006 at SET Tower.

In Year 2007, AIS’s Sarn Rak Project has received the 22th Sang Ngern Award 2007 in category of outstanding Public Relations from the Public Relation Society of Thailand.

Since throughout 8 years, AIS has been dedicated in continuously fostering society so that AIS has been chosen for the Honorable Sang Ngern Award 2007 by the Public Relation Society of Thailand in category of outstanding Public Relations and become accepted in the overall society and Sarn Rak Project will be continued its commitment to returning benefits to Thai society.