1. Each advertisement shall include only one vacant position. Each vacant position will be advertised online on for 30 days. (Job Posting appears on our website for 30 days, allowing more time and better chances for job seekers to find them, unlike advertisements on newspapers that are charged daily, or on television that lasts only 30 seconds.)
  2. The search resume credit count will be based on the range of the salary as follow: Less than 50,000 = 1 credit count, 50,000-100,000 = 2 credits count, More than 100,000= 4 credits count. The credit count may change by further announcement
  3. Jobtopgun reserves the rights to withold, suspend, or cancel the advertisement or services for the business of representative, agency of insurance company, networking business, direct sale, MLM member recruitment, Face-to-Face market, or any similar businesses. Also, Jobtopgun reserves the rights to withold, suspend, or cancel service or advertisements that contain the unclear or incorrect information of the job and the company profiles, ads related to the inappropriate business, or the business that requires suspecious number of resume searchs, or it has been founded that any information obtained from the website services have been used by the users for any inappropriate purpose.
  4. The customer hereby confirms that the customer has read and accepts all conditions in sale documents and all conditions and agreements for the users set out in
  5. All fees are nonrefundable.
  6. The advertisement may be subjected to early deletion due to the breach of conditions and agreement or incompletion of any payment.
  7. Our company holds no responsibility for the accuracy of information given by the applicants in Super Resume program or in
  8. Jobtopgun reserves the right to change the promotion without prior notice.