Searching for candidates through recruitment website
JOBTOPGUN's ads package lets you find your candidate through 2 channels
Post your job ad on the website so candidates can apply directly to you
3 simple steps to posting job ads
1. Create an attractive job ad page
Log into the Super E-Recruit system to create your vacant position and click "post job ad" to share the ad on your website.
2. JOBTOPGUN increases your chances of getting applications
The system will send your job opening to members with matching qualifications through email and application for free!
3. Wait for the perfect match application
The application will be sent directly to you. You can view all applications without worrying about missing any, because Super E-Recruit will help you screen for matching applications for free!
Search for the candidates from database with over 4.6M profiles
2 simple steps to search for candidates
1. Indicate the kind of candidate you want and find information from our database with over 4.6 million profiles
Log into the system to start searching. Indicate the kind of candidates you want, for example by job title, age, education, salary range, then click "Search".
2. Select the application you want and just call the candidate
Choose to view as many applications as you want without losing your search credits. Your credit will only be deducted when you request to view candidates' contact details.
JOBTOPGUN will help you find the right person for the right job with our largest database of 4.6 million profiles and free software support! Buy your job ad package with us now!