Frequenly Asked Questions
What do you get with 1 Job post credit?
You will be able to create and post your vacant position with an unlimited number of position for that job. For example, you only need 1 job posting credit for 5 sales person position.
How long does each job posting last?
When you publish you job posting, it will be displayed on JOBTOPGUN page for jobseekers to apply; for 30 days consecutively. (Your posting includes, your company logo, photos, job descriptions, responsibilities, qualifications, about your company and contact details)
How to hire effectively within 30 days?
  1. Direct Apply - Receive right resumes at the right amount
    • Our new system will help match applicants who are most suitable for you to review before publish your posting. You can make adjustments until the result suits your need.
    • As your posting went online, it will also be sent to job seekers with the same qualifications and experiences. This feature is available for free for up to 4 times per position though email and notification.
  2. 1-Click Search - Find candidates from our database alongside direct apply
    The system will match your post criteria with our database of 2.07 million profiles (over twice the size of competitors' database); to give you the right candidate in just one click.
To ensure your posting is delivered to the right people and into the job seekers' hands.
What is Search Credit?
When you search for possible candidates, you will notice the personal informations and contact details of the candidate are hidden. Only once you are certain that you want this candidate that Search Credits can be used to reveal those informations.